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1. β-Galactosidase Detection in Drosophila Embryos with Weak β-Galactosidase Expression
2. Chromatographic Purification of Neurotrophins
3. Construction of a DNase I Column for the Preparation of Yeast Actin
4. Isolation of Chromatin from Brain Tissue
5. Isolation of Fibronectin from Fibrinogen: Column Chromatography
6. Isolation of Fibronectin from Fibrinogen: Preparation of Affinity Column
7. Isolation of Microtubules from Bovine Brain
8. Kinesin Heavy Chain Motor Domain Protein: Bacterially Expressed Purification
9. Microtubule Isolation from Extracts
10. Nonclaret Disjunctional (Ncd) Motor Domain Protein: Bacterially Expressed Purification
11. Preparation and Purification of Taq Polymerase
12. Preparation of Bovine Brain Calmodulin
13. Preparation of Conventional Actin from Skeletal Muscle
14. Preparation of Core Histones from Calf Thymus
15. Preparation of Core Histones from Drosophila
16. Preparation of Fibrillar Collagen from Rat Tails
17. Preparation of Primary Polyclonal Antibodies
18. Preparation of Rhodamine-Labeled Actin
19. Preparation of Skeletal Muscle Myosin from Rabbit or Chicken
20. Preparation of TCA-Precipitated Protein from Yeast for Western Blots
21. Preparation of Topoisomerase I from Drosophila Embryos
22. Preparation of Yeast Extracts for Purification of Actin
23. Preparation of Yeast Lysate for Actin Purification
24. Protein Dialysis
25. Purification of Acetylated Core Histones from HeLa Cells
26. Purification of Bacterially Expressed Kar3 Motor Domain Protein
27. Purification of Fibrinogen from Blood
28. Purification of Prothrombin
29. Purification of Recombinant p50/Dynamitin
30. Purification of Recombinant Sar1 Protein from E. coli
31. Purification of Sec 13/31-His-tagged Fusion Proteins from Yeast Strain RSY 1113
32. Purification of Sec 23/24-His-tagged Fusion Proteins from Yeast Strain RSY1069
33. Selection of Phage Antibodies on Immobilized Antigen
34. Selection of Phage Antibodies with a Soluble Biotinylated Antigen
35. Small Scale Sucrose Density Gradient Centrifugation for Protein and/or Cellular Organelle Isolation

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